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Hunt Board

Hunt Log
SAMPLE: A large wolf has been terrorizing North Town and the staff at The Grind would like to capture it and offer it to The Arena as a training monster. It is a quick monster with a painful bite. Not a threat if a group can surround it, but one-on-one could be deadly. No reward was posted, but an easy mark such as this would make excellent practice.
At Large
SAMPLE: An invisible behemoth that prefers to go unnoticed has been causing problems with trucks carrying shipments to Mallboro. Because he is invisible (at first), trucks tend to run into him, which angers him into attacking the trucks with a powerful meteor spell. NORG has placed a bill to have the Intangir found and taken down. He will pay each hunter 10 GP for its removal.
At Large


About Hunts

     Much like Final Fantasy 12, the Marks are creatures that are causing destruction and need to be brought down. The Marks are listed on a bulletin board called the Hunt Board, which is posted outside The Arena. In addition, The Arena takes in the wounded Marks after they are incapacitated and uses them for battle training.

     Hunts work as follows. First, a Mark will be added here and to the Mallboro community. Then, there will be a short period where characters can sign up in the community to fight the Mark and form groups of three or less. The Marks are powerful and typically one character will not be able to bring down the Mark alone, but characters are welcome to try. Then, one spokesperson for each group will pick a route to travel to reach the mark and will fight enemies along the route. The route that reaches the Mark in the fastest time will have the first opportunity to take down the Mark. If they are unable to defeat the Mark, then the second closest group will fight it, and so on until either the Mark is defeated or there are no more teams, which means the Mark is too powerful and will remain at large.

     The group that defeats the Mark will receive experience at The Arena for their accomplishment. The experience will be divided among the members of the group, so the fewer members in the group, the more experience each will gain. There is no loss for being defeated by a Mark.


How To Hunt

     Each hunt will have a game board. The picture behind the board is completely irrelevant, so don't worry about it. On this game board, you will pick where your team will start. It must be in either Row A or Column 1, so top row or left column.

     Next, each team will post (via comments on the hunt thread) where they would like to move. They can only move in cardinal directions: up, down, left, and right. The game board does not loop, so corners will limit your movement. Assuming the proper updates are made in a timely fashion, the spaces around you will be revealed so you know what is surrounding you (and the other groups). Empty squares will allow the team to advance with no questions asked. Special Squares will require something extra in order to advance, if advancing is even possible. The first team to find the Mark and defeat it will be the winners. All players will keep the EXP they have collected even if they do not defeat the Mark, however, if a group is defeated in combat, they will receive no EXP.

     The game is all about the Special Squares though, and some may be more difficult to cross than others. The following is a table of all the Special Squares.

Free space. Nothing special is found here.
Enemy Encounter
This square is occupied by an enemy or group of enemies. In order to occupy this space, you must defeat them. Groups receive EXP for defeating enemies. Should an enemy defeat you, you will be out of the hunt.
The Mark
This is the target of the whole game. Once you find and defeat it in combat, then the Hunt is over.
Treasure Chest
This is a Treasure Chest. The contents of this chest are unknown. They sometimes contain free experience, items, money, or maps.
Mimic Box
Some Treasure Chests are actually monsters and if it is known in advance that this chest is a monster.
Do not go near Ultros. If Ultros is in an adjacent square (diagonal doesn't count), then he will talk your ear off and take up one of your turns. He's your classic "Lose a Turn" space. Avoid it! Don't go near him!
Choques are thieves and will steal your equipment (unequipped for the duration of the Hunt) if you are in an adjacent square. They can sometimes be bribed into leaving you alone or fought to retrieve your accessories back.
Moogs are natural saboteurs and will mix up your gambits if you are in an adjacent square, which can drastically cripple your fighting abilities. They can sometimes be bribed into leaving you alone or fought to fix your gambits.
These are random people. Sometimes they can help you, but sometimes they're just in your way. If they're adjacent, talk to them (in comments) to try to get information from them or perhaps get them to move, since they will block your path. Takes one turn.